Ask The Astrosexologist: Can We Rekindle The Romance?

“My ‘was-boyfriend’ (2/20/87) decided that he and I (5/07/86) should take some time apart after almost three years together. Our first year together was wonderful, and the second was great, but the third had become a little too comfortable — less about love and more about being best friends. He says this isn’t about anyone else, but he isn’t sure that I’m ‘the one.’ Sometimes I feel the same, but I think back to how amazing things were in the beginning. We’ve dealt with more than our fair share of long-distance love, and now he’ll be going to grad school while I’m out in the workforce. Do you think we have a chance of rekindling the romance and falling back in love?” – Tepid Taurus Venus was just retrograding; so if this was decided upon during early March to late April, there is a chance to reverse the verdict. Obviously, you want to make one more go at it and because of that, you should believe that where there is a will there is a way. However, to reignite this flame will mean getting your double Taurus ass into gear, shaking things up, and getting your relationship to work on new levels.

You’re a double Taurus, which means you like to stick to your comfort zone; with your Mars in Capricorn, this can sometimes make you too rigid in your thinking — all habits you are going to have to break to shake your relationship out of its complacency. Thankfully, you have Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Aries, causing you to be impetuous when necessary, not to mention a creative thinker when it comes down to the wire. Meanwhile, your ‘boyfriend’ is a delicate Pisces sun with a Scorpio moon, which means there is a lot more emotion brewing inside of him than he lets on and you’ll have to dig furiously to get it out of him. Plus, he has Mercury in Pisces in retrograde, just all-round making him a bad communicator when it comes to his emotions — and with a Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus, he has this earthy and logical side to him that likes to stick to routines, despite his own tedium. Between the two of your, there is only one fire element and that spells a tendency to get stuck in periods of low-grade passion.

On the flip side, the composite chart of your relationship (when two of your charts are squished into one to create your couple’s chart) indicates you have an Aries relationship — which means things can change on a dime. So, you will have to be that one that shakes things up in a way that excites his idea of romance, fantasy and passion through the fantastical. No more pleading or logic is necessary; from here on out it is straight up wooing. Stir up memories of things you did when you were first together and try to initiate those activities again; get him to go on a weekend getaway with you before going to school and bring along a box of sex toys and games to turn up the heat in the boudoi; write him love letters that are sweet and humorous; show off your confidence in your relationship in a way that reminds him that you are his rock, not his ball and chain; and do anything that shifts the way you see each other, by putting yourselves in situations that take you out of the norm. You want to make him curious about you again, rekindling the mystery of what you offer — that is what is going to turn on his little Pisces sun and Scorpio moon.

The good news is this is your perfect time to take action too, as Venus and Mars are both in Aries and will give you the energy to push ahead and do it. However, know there are limits and if your efforts aren’t being thoroughly rewarded by early June, then time to switch gears and take advantage of the Taurus energy in the air (Mars and Venus) to put you back on top of your priority list and let nature take its course in your love life.

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