Screw It, We’re Wearing Jelly Sandals

We’ve spent years eschewing jelly sandals, turning our backs on the sheer plastic beauties we grew up with. We’re too old for those, we thought, gazing wistfully, but moving on to more grown up footwear. Well, screw it, jellies are back with a vengeance, and I’m leaving leather and other perhaps more legitimate footwear material behind for the molded, vaguely smelly plastic of yore. They give you blisters at first, and the whole time you’re wearing them you’ll intermittently wonder if maybe wearing shoes made entirely of rubber in 100-degree heat isn’t the best idea. But as you and your jellies get to know one another again, you’ll remember why you loved them so much when you were a kid and wonder why you let anyone tell you they’re terrible. Sandals this old school-cute don’t deserve to be vilified like that! ($15, New York & Company)