How To Throw An Adult Prom Party!

It’s prom time, ladies, and we’re all waaay too old to participate. Sounds sad, but just think: no more rhinestone-encrusted mess of a dress, no more too-fancy tiaras, and no more way-awkward posed pics. Yay!

But just because we’ve all passed that monumental mark doesn’t mean that we can’t do it up better in homages to high school dances gone by. Throwing a grown up-style prom has its benefits, not least of which is worrying about the state of your V-card at the end of the night.

So, let’s get down to party planning business. It’s time for Prom Part Deux, and this one’s going to be off the hook.

  • The Venue: Keep it nice and cheap by hosting in your house. All you really need is iTunes, speakers, dim lighting, and a strong desire to make this The Best Night of Your Life.
  • The Dress Code: No one gets past your front door without proper attire. And no, your standard-jeans-and-a-spangly-shirt going out uniform totally does not count. Make it cocktail attire, puffy skirt required, if you’re really serious about making this a more attractive, better-dressed version of Prom Part One.
  • The Nosh: Keep it classy with cheese, crackers, and, for old time’s sake, those mini wieners. For drinks, make it a throwback of an evening with the cheapest beer you can find.
  • The Tunes: Put away anything new and really cool; it’s time to latch onto the old, the slow, and the slightly emo. You know, all those songs we totally love but are too embarrassed to own up to liking. Check out our perfect, nostalgia-drenched playlist here.
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