Four Things You Absolutely Don’t Need For Summer

Summer is the most fun and carefree of all seasons, but let’s not get too carried away here, people. You’re already going to be spending your diñero on breezy cocktails, concerts, and maybe a mini-break or two, so save your money by skipping on these overpriced trinkets.

  1. Who needs a $260 Gucci towel to show the world just how designer they are? You’ll get pissed off when you see everyone else running around with the $10 knockoff. [$260, Gucci,]
  2. Yes, you can ride this beverage cooler at speeds of up to 14 m.p.h. That, however, would be the ultimate in laziness, and for the price tag you could practically buy yourself a Vespa. [$499.95,]
  3. The sad truth is you will probably lose or break your sunglasses over the course of the summer, so attaching them to an expensive, sterling silver chain is silly. [$96, Costalots,]
  4. $135 for sunscreen? We hear Neutrogena makes this stuff, too. [$135, Kinerase,]

Photo Credits: Saks, Hammacher Schlemmer, Oak, Sephora