Nine Fashion Myths Debunked!

Whether it’s your mom telling you that your bag and shoes need to match or your snobby aunt letting out a horrified gasp when you show up to family dinner wearing white in December, we’ve all been told that there are Fashion Rules Never to Be Broken. The thing is, most of these fashion commandments are total rubbish. Read on as we debunk silly fashion mandates so you can flaunt every fashion faux pas to your heart’s content.

  1. No white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. You shouldn’t be wearing your little white summer dresses well into October, but the term “winter white” exists for a reason. Creamy wool pencil skirts and sweaters are glorious in the cold. And we officially give you permission to whip out white sundresses like this with cardigans the moment it’s warm enough to give them a go. Like now, for instance.
  2. Your bag and shoes should match. This one is a mom-approved favorite, but it’s not true. Sometimes it’s nice to have a matching bag and shoes, but it’s totally not required. I defy any of you to tell me that a black patent clutch doesn’t look awesome with the right silver heels.
  3. You can’t mix bright colors. We call total BS on this one. Colorblock dresses and skirts can be pretty adorable. As long as you keep your accessories minimal, you’re good to go.
  4. Long dresses are not for short women. This one’s tricky. Long, shapeless dresses are not for short women. Long, strategically-fitted dresses, on the other hand, are fair game. Try something that nips in at the waist or under the bust, and you won’t get lost in flowing fabric.
  5. Leather vests are only for biker chicks. If you get one that’s studded and emblazoned with a skull on the back, your friends will start asking you where the best place to get tattoos are. But a leather vest with feminine details like a dramatic collar or ruffles is a fun, cool bet.
  6. You can’t wear suede in the summer. Don’t believe them! Bright-colored suede is super-fun in the hot months, but limit it to one piece, like sandals or a skirt.
  7. Dangly earrings with a necklace is a bad idea. If you don’t choose your bling wisely, you’ll look like a female Mr. Clean. But if you keep one piece on the less aggressive side, there’s no reason why you can’t have both.
  8. Black bra+white shirt=skanky. An intentionally-sheer white tee with a black bra is louche, laid-back cool. Just make sure you’re not pairing your dark bras with white button-downs and going into work. You’ll look inappropriate if you rock it that way.
  9. You can’t wear sequins during the day. Pashaw. Sequin tanks look awesome with jeans or trousers, even at work. A sequined skirt or shirt worn casually looks classy and sexy during daytime hours.

Now, go forth, children, and break the fashion rules your mothers handed down!