“There’s A Condom In My French Fries” And Six Other Very Unhappy Meals.

It was a sad day for a seven-year-old girl in Switzerland. She got more than a prize in her McDonald’s Happy Meal—allegedly, she found a condom in her french fries. Cops are investigating how the condiment got there and if it contained any … special sauce. [MSNBC] — I’ll think I’ll stick to ketchup. This gross mishap reminded us of some other surprises people have found in their food over the years.

  • Fake Finger. Anna Ayala claimed to have found a finger in her steaming cup o’ chili at a Wendy’s in San Jose. After a bizarrW investigation trying to reunite the owner of the finger with his/her severed digit, it was discovered to be big hoax. [USA Today] — Bet Wendy’s wants to give her the finger for ruining their reputation.
  • Chicken n’ Mice. Tony Hill of Baltimore was enjoying some delicious Popeye’s chicken when he bit into a warm, furry treat. Turns out , a mouse had furrowed into his chicken wing. [WBAL] —We hope it wasn’t Fieval from “An American Tale.”
  • French Fry Boo-Boo. A student at the University of Illinois almost went into cardiac arrest when she found a used bandage in the McDonald’s french fries that she got at the student union. As a former Micky D’s employee, she suggested they wear gloves while cooking. [Daily Illini]
  • Cold Cut. A health-conscious Queens man went to Subway and purchased a foot-long cold cut sub. He took a few bites and realized something didn’t taste quite right. He turned the sandwich over to find a seven-inch bread knife baked into it. [NY Post] — After the scare and a nasty case of food poisoning, he’s looking for alternate spots where he can “eat fresh.”
  • Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Needles. In the 1990s, an elderly Tacoma couple never got their winning game piece for the “Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi” sweepstakes. The consolation prize? A syringe! The incident sent off a national panic. More than 50 people claimed to have found the same thing. Many of their claims were totally bogus. [BNET] Still, this couple no doubt switched to Coke.
  • Heads Up. This one is so gross, it hurts to describe. If you aren’t faint of heart, check out the newscast below about a mother in Virginia who found a chicken head in her McDonald’s wings. — McEwww.

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