OctoMom To Have Uterus Removed — Finally!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, OctoMom Nadya Suleman gives her army of babies the best gift ever: no more brothers and sisters! After giving birth to 14 children through in-vitro, OctoMonster is making her first responsible parenting decision and getting part of her baby making-machine, her uterus, removed. The surgery, scheduled for this weekend, means that Suleman is unlikely to spawn more offspring. Collective sigh. [Radar via Daily News]

Suleman says she’s having the procedure because her uterus has benign fibroids. “I’m terrified,” she told Radar Online. “I have to get a will done, just in case.” [Radar] Fingers crossed this isn’t a ploy to keep her name in the ‘bloids or extort more money from the public. In the meantime, lawyer Gloria Allred is trying to find a legal guardian to look after the babies’ financial interests as Suleman explores TV and book deals. A book deal? Seriously, does she have time for that? What is she gonna call it, How I Got Inseminated 14 Times?