Guys Say The Meanest Things

Men can say some really crappy things, even if they’re not necessarily jerks. They’ve been socialized to speak their minds and disconnect from emotions, so maybe they don’t realize words can hurt. But then again, their intention could have been to inflict pain. We’ve rounded up the meanest things a guy has ever said to us, and some other women, in an effort to dull the pain.

“You have no ambition.” — Annika

“Stop being a c**t.” — Brittany

“You’re like a sister to me.” — Leslie

“Something smells fishy in here.” — June

“Maybe you need to see a sex therapist.” — Marie

“It just comes down to…I wouldn’t jump off a cliff for you.” — Michelle

“You’re fat.” — Elly

“I can’t give you the attention you deserve and I’m moving to Guam.” — Karen

“You’re not the marrying kind. It would surprise me if you ever got married.” — Lindsay

So what’s the cruelest, worst, most sucky thing a guy has ever said to you? Let us know in the comments!

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