What Do Celebs Obsess About?

It’s obvious that Lindsay Lohan is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. She poses as the blonde bombshell any chance she can get and even named her “fashionable” leggings line 6126 as an ode to Marilyn’s birthday. Most recently, Lindsay donned a blond wig and some lingerie for a Vogue España photo shoot, in which LiLo tried her best to drag Marilyn’s image into the gutter. Lindsay isn’t the only celebrity with a strange obsession. Find out what else stars are consumed by after the jump.

  • Nicholas Cage: Elvis Presley
  • Kanye West: Louis Vuitton
  • Kim Kardashian: Googling herself and Q-Tips
  • Debra Messing: Bold nib fountain pens
  • Brooke Burke: Well-groomed, men’s feet
  • Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher: Twitter
  • Victoria Beckham: Handbags and outrageous shoes
  • Matthew McConaughey: Working out
  • Rihanna: Tattoos
  • Jonas Brothers: Skinny jeans
  • Madonna: Kaballah and her fitness routine
  • Mel Gibson: Catholicism
  • Rachel Zoe: Fur vests and vintage shopping
  • Ryan Reynolds: His motorcycle
  • Phoebe Price: Cosmetic surgery and the paparazzi