The Singing Gossip Girls

We kind of hate it when starlets decide they don’t want to limit themselves to acting. Being famous for one thing isn’t enough. Tthey have to be actresses-singers-songwriters-models-writers-producers. In addition to Ed Westwick, who has a band called The Filthy Youth, two more “Gossip Girl” cast members are adding “singer” to their resume. Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen have signed record deals. A couple tracks Leighton has been working on have leaked, and a video of Taylor performing earlier this week hit YouTube. But are they any good? TAYLOR MOMSEN
Band Name: The Pretty Reckless
Looks Like: A very young Courtney Love. At her May 5 show in NYC, Taylor wore an almost see-through slip, boots, and rosary-style necklaces. And she rocked out. And she’s 15.
Sounds Like: Taylor’s voice sounds a lot deeper, raspier, and sexier than when she’s playing Jenny Humphrey on “GG.”
Record Label: Interscope
Listen To This:Kneel” and a possible demo track
Past Singing Experience: Taylor auditioned for the Hannah Montana role that ended up going to Miley Cyrus.

Band Name: Leighton Meester
Looks Like: Leighton, not Blair
Record Label: Universal Republic
Sounds Like: She has said it’s “an electronic-rock hybrid that sounds like Gwen Stefani and MIA” and “it’s very pop.” Many of the tracks she’s been working on are produced by big names in the pop world, so it should be very top 100-friendly.
Listen To This:Betty Davis Eyes” and “Birthday” (with Awesome New Republic)
Past Singing Experience: Leighton sang in the 2007 movie “Drive Thru.”

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