Why Make Saudi Women’s Waistlines Suffer?

Gotta love that Saudi Arabia. Not only do ladies have to fully cover up, now they have to let their bodies go, too. With religious clerics holding so much sway over the government, Saudi gyms are legally segregated by gender—male gyms get licenses from the government, but there is no authority to grant licenses to women’s fitness hubs. Now, female gyms operating as “beauty salons” (wink, wink) are being shut down. Hey, don’t deprive a woman of her hand weights! [Reuters via Yahoo!]

Newspapers are outraged about the government’s latest crack down, as they should be, and protesting with sarcastic headlines like “Let Her Get Fat!” to persuade the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to change their minds.

But wait. Yes, women should be able to go the gym—so they can stay strong and healthy, take care of their bods, and feel good about themselves. But do we really want to encourage Saudi women to have the same effed-up attitudes about weight that are so rampant in the west? Stepping on a Stairmaster just to stay skinny seems like the opposite of positive gender encouragement. How about a new slogan, like: “Let Her Do Whatever The Eff She Wants!”

What do you guys think?