Can Powerful Women Find Love?

Today, more women than ever are wildly ambitious and intellectually curious. According to Harvard Business School’s e-publication “Working Knowledge,” women now make up 35 to 40 percent of business school applicants; women also make up the majority in the undergraduate populations at more than one Ivy League college.

According to the BBC, the average woman’s workweek is now half a day longer than it was five years ago—sometimes with more work waiting to be done at home. The media has coined the term “alpha female” to describe these assertive, strong, successful women who are big on work.

But how do these hyper-ambitious alpha females navigate the dating land?What’s an alpha female to do if she wants a male counterpart as ambitious and powerful as she? Historically, men have been breadwinners and women have played the supporting role, and that made up a huge part of gender roles and the balance of masculinity and femininity in relationships.

The gender landscape certainly has shape-shifted: women are entitled to their capabilities and desires to earn professional success and money. However, they’re not automatically entitled to a supportive boyfriend who is completely, totally cool with his girlfriend or wife being just as successful (if not more!) than he is. While a power couple could fuel each other’s success (like Bill and Hillary Clinton), because of outdated ideas on women’s roles, men might look outside the relationship to have a gentler, more amenable feminine presence in their lives (like Bill and Hillary Clinton). While it sounds retro for successful women to be wondering whether their power will turn men off, unfortunately, it’s often a pertinent issue.

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