WWWWD Reports On The Met Ball

“Karl Lagerfeld is dead!” “Terrorists at the Met Gala!” “Kate Moss ate foie gras!”

Missed these headlines from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala? You can find them all in the latest edition of WWWWD (not to be confused with WWD), the Onion-esque fake newsletter that pokes fun at the fashion world. In the Met Ball Special, WWWWD reports that Karl Lagerfeld was thought dead due to the death of a German farmer with the same name, and caused a stir when he showed up alive: “… Anna Wintour threw herself at his feet, crying ‘I’m sorry I never respond to your Evites!’ while kissing his shiny patent toes, Karl claimed to have been ‘a touch surprised.’” Other news includes a Tweet roundup (Mario Testino: “@gwyneth’s place. blaming my farts on apple. must quit cheese”), a report on Blake Lively’s new gender-neutral fragrance, and model Erin Wasson’s crack addict date.

What? WWWWD offended you? Jeez, why does fashion always have to be so serious? Really, what’s so important about fash — oh crap, Anna Wintour is barreling towards us with a pointy stiletto and her razor-sharp haircut. [WWWWD: Met Ball Special]