Quickies!: Lorena Gallo Throws Down With John Bobbitt

  • Lorena Gallo faced off with ex-husband John Bobbitt on “The Insider.” [Jezebel] — She’s almost unrecognizable. Love the blond hair. Yeah, I know, that’s not the issue.
  • Vibrating products seem to be another marketing ploy directed at women, like making things pink for the heck of it. [Dumb As A Blog]
  • The pregnant British woman facing drug trafficking charges in Laos can’t be executed by firing squad because it’s illegal to execute a pregnant woman. [CNN] — How progressive of Laos!
  • Lil Kim was eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars.” [Pop Eater] — Now I have no reason to watch the show.
  • Today marks “National No Diet Day,” so don one of these nonrestrictive dresses instead of obsessing about your heft. [Refinery 29]
  • Women need help deciphering the top 10 dude breakup excuses because we usually say exactly what we mean. [Lemondrop]
  • There’s nothing hotter than two men in a bromance because they possess the qualities we’re looking for in a relationship. [College Candy] — It doesn’t hurt if one of the guys is Matt Damon.
  • President Obama has nixed an event for “National Prayer Day,” choosing to recognize the day with a paper proclamation, which is what presidents did before George W. Bush. [Asylum]