The Hottest Single Celebrity Moms polled their male and female readers and asked them to name which famous single moms they found hottest. After I read the names of the chosen MILFs, I realized the word “single” is the operative term in question. For example, Angelina Jolie didn’t make the list, nor did Halle Barry or newly married Salma Hayek — three of the most beautiful women in the world. After the jump, see which famous single ladies were chosen and whether or not you agree with the list.
Votes from Men
Pamela Anderson 16.9%
Sharon Stone 15.3%
Kate Hudson 10.2%
Reese Witherspoon 8.5%
Denise Richards 8.5%
Liv Tyler 7.2%
Sheryl Crow 6.8%
Minnie Driver 5.1%
Bridget Moynahan 4.5%
Britney Spears 3.2%
Kate Moss 1.7%

Votes from Women
Sharon Stone 18.2%
Pamela Anderson 18.2%
Reese Witherspoon 13.6%
Kate Hudson 11.4%
Liv Tyler 9.1%
Britney Spears 8.6%
Sheryl Crow 7.4%
Denise Richards 4.5%
Bridget Moynahan 3.8%
Kate Moss 2.3%
Minnie Driver 1.5%

I can only surmise the reason Halle and Angelina didn’t make the list and someone like Denise Richards did is because the former two are in relationships. But if not having a boyfriend is how the pollsters define “single,” what’s Reese Witherspoon doing on the list? Doesn’t Jake count as a partner? Personally, I’m not into MILFs, but if we’re talking about MILTGOTLW (Mothers I’d Like to Go out to Lunch with), Liv Tyler would top my list. [via]