Gogetter Grooms Are Getting Involved In Wedding Planning

The number of grooms wanting to help with wedding planning seems to be growing. While women have books, magazines, and websites devoted to being a bride, the guys get next to nothing. However, a few new websites are tackling the subject for gogetter grooms. GroomGroove.com tackles buying wedding night lingerie (“Depending on your budget, you should look to spend between $60-$100 on a nice bra.”). The Grumpy Groom shares personal stories about the wedding process. Personally, I think it’s great that grooms are getting involved in the planning of weddings. If I get married, I don’t think I’ll want to make decisions about everything alone. It would be nice if my husband-to-be got involved. Maybe talking more openly about weddings and marriage will make more guys want to do tie the knot. Certainly, some women will feel like they’re special day is getting encroached upon. Would you want your future husband to be more involved in the wedding planning process? Or would that increase wedding anxiety? [NY Times]