Casual Sex Site Makes Us Sad

Craigslist’s Casual Encounters is probably the best known place to go for casual sex. However, it’s not the only site you can visit if you want to hook up without dating.’s sole purpose is to connect its 3 million users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia for hookups. Not dates. Not love. Nothing more than sex. The site’s tagline: “A dating site for singles who enjoy being single.” And, it’s thriving.While it’s nice there’s a place for booty-seekers to go, instead of mucking up online dating sites for people who are seeking a connection beyond the bedroom, the testimonials from satisfied users are disheartening, and we hope they’re made up.

I have met some fine men on this site.
One I have met, we cant keep our hands off each other. Everytime he looks at me with those sexy eyes, its time! I’ve tried so many new things with him and he has turned me into a lil freak ;) !!!! I love this site!! Thank you!

There is a difference between “finding” the booty and “getting” the booty…
I have no problem “getting” the booty , and this site makes it easy to find the booty…..the rest is up to you fella’s whether or not you actually “get” the booty. Those are the two basic steps involved in getting booty, with this site the first step is virtually eliminated, so the only thing let for you to do is “GET” that booty!! Bottom line, this site is where it’s at. I was a gold member for like 2 days about 2 months ago and I’m still recieving residual booty from that 2-day window.

I had a couple of real good times with members…
Meet and greet to get it fast and furious… one time she was on me before the door closed… even has “booty call commandments,” including: “Thou shalt kiss anything except my mouth,” and “There shall be no cuddling — ever!” Someone’s watched “Pretty Woman” a few too many times.