Tricky Bras For Tricky Dresses

I’ve always been a bit envious of friends who could go sans bra without feeling crazy self-conscious. That level of hippie-esque chest freedom, I figured, has to be awesome.

So, I tried it and going braless is definitively not awesome, if you ask me. That said, being married to a bra shouldn’t keep you from wearing slinky, criss-crossed fashions all summer long.

If you want to pull it off, you’ve got to get creative with your undergarments.

  • For Tricky Criss-Crossing: I just bought a dress that criss-crosses in the front and ties around the neck. It’s not a regular halter dress, in that it gets very narrow at the base of the neck, leaving the shoulders completely exposed and bra straps begging to be seen. To nip this problem in the bud, try out the BioFit 7 Way Bra. Aside from working as a standard strapless or halter bra, it gives you the option of connecting your straps in the front and back. [$55, Victoria’s Secret]
  • For Dresses That Go WAY Down: If you’re pulling a J Lo. and baring your belly button, we can’t help you. But we can hook you up with a bra that works with dresses that extend past your boobs. Victoria’s Secret’s U-Plunge bra is ideal. [$42, Victoria’s Secret]
  • For Low-Backed Dresses:If you’re wearing a low-backed dress, but you want a heavy-duty bra, you need an elastic bra extender. This bra comes with one, and you attache it to your bra clasp and wrap it around your waist, which pulls the entire back of your bra down to the waist area instead of stopping at the upper back. [$64,]
  • Low-Backed Dresses Option #2- Sticky, backless bras can be your best friend in a backless situation, particularly if the dress in question is strapless, too. But be warned, ladies, once you get above a B cup, your luck with backless bras will take a turn for the worse. [$29.95, Nu Bra]