Swine Flu Ruins Prom!

Swine flu is effing things up around the globe. But did you know that it’s threatening prom? Around 300 schools in the US are closed because of the swine flu panic, and many are rejiggering prom plans for the weekend. But the girls have already purchased their dresses! And the dudes have already invested in boxes of condoms because they’re hoping to finally lose their virginity! What’s a teenager to do? After the jump, the deets on these events that would make John Hughes cry.

  • Park City High School in Utah has canceled their prom this weekend. Senior Kelly McGuire says, “That’s a bummer, because it means we have to try to cancel our limo. I have to cancel my tux, my corsage. It’s going to be hectic.” [CNN]
  • California lovin’ prom-goers have it especially rough. At Pollard High School, where one 16-year-old girl has been diagnosed with swine flu, school is closed until May 7, which means prom this weekend is dunzo. Luckily, the local Men’s Warehouse is issuing full refunds on tux rentals. The school’s principal isn’t sure that they’ll be able to reschedule at the convention center the school booked for prom over a year ago, so they’re looking at a scaled-down prom in the gym. Junior Brandon Betancourt said it’s better to postpone because with all the drama, students didn’t want to touch each other anyway. [PressEnterprise]
  • Pisgah High in Alabama decided to forgo a $1,000 venue reservation in favor of holding a smaller prom in the school gym. Markie Clement, a sophomore there had her dress ready for the weekend. She described it as “peach and sparkly.” [AL]
  • Even graduation isn’t safe! At Northeastern University in Boston, a letter was sent out to students saying, “Since direct contact is one of the ways flu viruses spread, we have decided to forgo the traditional congratulatory handshake as you come forward to receive your diploma.” [CNN]

If swine flu can be cured with Tamiflu, why is everyone freaking?

Even though anti-virals can kill the swine flu, there’s no vaccine for the strain, which means we can’t stop if from spreading. As it spreads, it could become stronger and more deadly as it passes from human to human. If a pandemic breaks out, and the flu ends up in parts of the world with little access to modern medicine, it could be devastating.

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