Less Sexy Celeb Siblings: Kevin Jonas Omitted From People’s “Most Beautiful People” List

People’s 100 Most Beautiful People issue has hit newsstands, and the editors have gone Jonas mad. Both Nick Jonas (right), 16, and Joe Jonas (left), 19, made the cut. But aren’t you forgetting someone? Looks like Kevin Jonas (middle), 21, has been put on another list—the long list of celebrity siblings that never quite live up to their golden siblings. [MTV] Kevin is probably looking in the mirror right now and wondering, “Why?!” He’s got the signature Jonas brow and a pensive, sexy smile. It’s not you, Kev — it’s celebrity natural selection. For some reason, no matter how hard they try, some siblings aren’t cut out for super-stardom. Cry it out, Kevin, along with these other celeb sibs.

  • Sister Knowles Best: Beyonce’s kid sister, Solange Knowles, acts more like a middle child. She hates being compared to the Queen B because they’re soooo different artistically. [NY Daily News] — In other words, her last record, “Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams,” isn’t so Sasha Fierce. Supposedly, Solange will get her big break this summer opening for Michael Jackson in London. [Post Chronicle] — At least she doesn’t have Joe Jackson breathing fire down her neck.
  • Less Twisted Sister: Like her sister Paris, Nicky Hilton was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She and Paris modeled for Heatherette, but while Paris has spent her time jumping in front of paparazzi flashes and branding everything from her own perfume to hair extensions, Nikki has kept it quiet, working on her own fashion line, Chick. [Wikipedia] — While Paris appears on Perez Hilton four days out of the week (and inspired his name), Nicki hasn’t been mentioned on the site since February. Wait, maybe Nicky is the winner?
  • Let’s Be Frank: No matter how many crooner albums he releases, movie cameos he makes, or boxing matches he enters with Geraldo Rivera, Frank Stallone will always get beaten out by his brother Rambo. Sylvester has the star power here but is cool enough to hook Frank up with lots of gigs. [FrankStallone.com] — They’re all buddy, buddy, those Rambros!
  • Jolie Good Fellow: Just like his sister Angelina Jolie, James Haven, the actor/producer, dropped his daddy’s (actor Jon Voight) last name. Oh, snap! Through his sister and his mother, the late actress Marcheline Bertrand, he’s gotten some bit parts in movies like “Monster’s Ball.” But the only memorable thing he’s ever done on screen is plant a kiss on his sis when she won her Oscar. [Daily Mail]