Beauty How-To: Get Anne Hathaway’s Retro-Cute Side Pin-Up

Anne Hathaway showed up at a Cartier event in a “Mad Men” look. She tag-teamed a sixties-throwback style, a pair of tights with visible seams up the back, with a retro, one-sided updo. The result was sexy, but not smack-you-over-the-head sexpot. I likey. After the jump, how to recreate the hair on your own — it’s beyond simple.

  • Make a part on the far left or far right—it works even if you have bangs. Typically, your part will fall on one side of your scalp more naturally. (An extra tip: If your hair is seriously flat, part on the side you don’t usually—it creates instant volume because the follicles have been trained to fall the other way.)
  • Spray a little hairspray on your hands and run them through the side with less hair.
  • Quickly brush through the hair to create smoothness.
  • Now, brush down.
  • Gather that hair up and to the back and clip into place. Use a big clip that will hold more hair and adhere to your scalp better. I don’t usually use bobby pins for this look; they don’t always have the staying power.
  • Finish with a light spritz of hairspray.
  • Enjoy your super-flattering Veronica Lake-esque ‘do!”
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