The 100th Episode Of “Lost”: Everyone’s Got Mommy Issues

“Lost” turned 100 last night, airing its 100th episode, and, go figure, last night’s show ended with a shocker/head-scratcher/WHAT? The show has always been full of horrible fathers — from Jack’s alcoholic pop to Locke’s father who went so far as to steal his son’s kidney — but last night Eloise Hawking shot her son, scientist Daniel Faraday. Why’d she get trigger-happy? After recovering from shock, the blogosphere discussed.

  • Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune summed it up:

    Island of Bad Dads, meet Worst Mom Ever. [Chicago Tribune]

  • Jennifer Godwin on E! Online felt the mind-meld:

    Eloise Hawking killed her son Daniel, and she always knew that he would grow up to come back the Island so she could kill him by accident, and his whole life, as organized by her, was leading up to this. Lord. Where are my time-travel sickness pills? [E!]

  • Heather Salerno at Remote Access pitied poor Twitchy:

    Poor Daniel Faraday got the poor luck of the draw in the parental gene pool, didn’t he? Both his mother AND his father set him up to die. Eek. [LoHud]

  • James Poniewozik at Time looked at the whole picture:

    Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot…If you go back and look at the flashbacks in the episode after that holy-crap last minute, and realize that everything Eloise is saying, she is saying from the standpoint of a woman who knows that she is going to fatally shoot her own son, then it becomes fascinating. And sad. And kind of twisted. [Time]

What do you think? Great twist or just twisted?