Real Dragon Ladies Fake Death To Avoid Sex

It’s hard to start the sex fire with the female Lake Eyre dragon from Australia. They pretend to be dead to avoid fornication. The female Lake Eyre dragon is particular about her partners. Why? Because their mating ritual begins with the male biting her neck to hold her down, an act that can result in back-breaking death. Here’s how she does it.

Unlike humans, this lizard can’t turn off her sex appeal by wearing granny panties or Crocs. The females have eye-catching orange on their bellies, the result of testosterone, and they’re always in heat. Because the sex act is so dangerous, the dragon lady has to be more selective and risks sex only once a season. The female on its back, the male lizard gets in position to penetrate her with either one of his two penises. Apparently, faking your own death is a tactic that works like a charm in the wild. [ABC News]