Ask The Astrosexologist: Can Our Long Distance Love Last?

I’m so confused about my current girlfriend. I’m a Sag and she’s a Libra. A little background info: We’ve only been together since February 13, but it started before that. Recently, I got stationed back home, after being gone for almost four years. I “re-met” this girl Ashley from high school when I was out celebrating my 22nd birthday. It was fireworks from the start. A few weeks later, we started talking about my deployment, and she said the longest she’s been away from a boyfriend is two weeks and even that was too hard. She promised me that she’d wait for me. Up until a week ago (five weeks in), things were good. I emailed her regularly, called her from foreign ports when I could. She even broke down and said that she never really noticed how much I meant to her until I was gone, eventually coming out and saying that she loved me. I knew how I felt about her and told her I loved her, too.Well, last week I was telling her about the time I had in Dominican Republic. Nothing out of the ordinary, she knows I’m very social when I drink so I was telling her about this Canadian group that I met. They were so impressed by how mature I was (babysitting drunk friends), telling me that my girlfriend was lucky to have such a great guy because all of my friends were out getting laid. She took it completely the wrong way, like I was bragging about being gawked at, and proceeded to tell me how guys hit on her all the time, but she doesn’t feel the need to tell me. In the end, she said we shouldn’t be so serious, wanted to be together, but open. I told her I didn’t believe in that, that if she wanted to see other people she could do that, but I wouldn’t be dragged along because being open only benefits her. She apologized and said that she wanted to be with me only, but since then she has been really short with me. She tells me she loves me in emails and when I recently called her we talked for an hour. It didn’t quite feel the same. Am I over-thinking it or is there really something that I should look out for? – A Sag In Love

Long distance love affairs are never easy, but at least you have the advantage of being the sign that represents independence, adventure and idealism. However, your ladylove is born under the sign of Libra, which means partnership bordering on co-dependence and needing constant attention from her man. Of course, things are never as easy as “this is your sun sign, that is hers and now forget it.” However, all astrology aside, the timing of her argument with you is a bit suspect, as in it’s been brewing in her for a while and she was just looking to start a fight with you over the situation to get out of it. The pressure is definitely getting to her and the fact that she followed it up by calling for an open relationship isn’t good. Also, did you notice you wrote most of this email in past tense? Sure, that could mean nothing, but if you want to read into anything, read into your own messages. Not to say you don’t love her, because if anything, that is obvious — but the faith you have in this relationship isn’t where it should be.

Who knows what can/will happen, but at this rate, it’s not looking too good. Obviously, this isn’t the best time for you to be together. Constantly having to worry what she is up to and her needing more attention, only distracts from appreciating each other. It’s a recipe for disaster. Sure, you can hold on and hope you survive until you can be together, or you can let it go and see if it’s meant to be. That way, if it happens, you both can be totally confident it’s meant to be. This is a good year for Sags to get it together on the relationship front, but for you, it might be more about thinking about it rather than being able to act on it. Not to say you have to give up on her yet, but don’t rule it out either. In astrology and life, timing is everything.

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