The “Gossip Girl” Tour Of NYC, Plus Other TV Tours We’d Like To Take

OMG! As we told you last week, for $40 dollars you can take a “Gossip Girl” tour of New York’s Upper East Side, the glitzy concrete playground of Blair, Serena, et al. Offered by On Location tours, purveyors of the mega-popular “Sex and the City” tour, this one will take you past the Palace Hotel, home to the Bass and Van der Woodsen clans, as well as other places you can’t afford, like Henri Bendel. [On Location Tours]

“Gossip Girl” joins Carrie & Co., “Seinfeld,” and “The Sopranos,” which have all inspired their own tour franchises. Here are five more TV tours we wish existed.

  • “The Wire” Tour of Baltimore. Hit the projects, the docks, and Hamsterdam to follow the footsteps of Jimmy McNulty and the Barksdale crew. Just make sure you don’t get capped.
  • “The Simpsons” Tour of Springfield(s). This epic jaunt brings you to various Springfields across America in search of Moe’s, the Kwik-E-Mart, Krusty Burger, and, of course, the friendly local nuclear power plant where the gears are full of donuts and Homer’s asleep on the job.
  • Mary Tyler Moore’s Tour of Minneapolis. Stroll down Hennepin and toss your hat in the air on Nicollet Avenue next to the statue of Mary doing the same. You’re going to make it, after all!
  • “The Facts of Life” Tour of Poughkeepsie. Visit Mrs. Garret’s store and moon over pre-“E.R.” era George Clooney. For an extra fee, you can ride on the back of Jo’s motorcycle and make fun of the townies.
  • “30 Rock” Tour of Rockefeller Plaza. Shadow Kenneth in “A Day in the Life of a Page.” Eat a dozen donuts with Liz Lemon. Lose your mind with Tracy Jordan. For an extra fee, snag a cameo on “TGS,” as the embodiment of the word “blerg.”