Quickies!: Sean Penn Files For Divorce Again

  • Sean Penn filed for divorce from Robin Wright Penn for the second time in two years. [Pop Eater] — Obviously, they need to quit each other for good.
  • Chris Brown’s lawyer thinks the case should be thrown out because classified information has been leaked several times. [Perez Hilton] — It’s L.A., so the lawyer could get his wish.
  • Apparently, Tupac Shakur is alive and well. He was spotted in New Orleans 13 years after being shot. [TMZ] — I’m ready for some new music, Pac.
  • Twentieth Century Fox has plans to do a ripped-from-the-headlines sequel to “Wall Street” with Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf. [Dlisted] — Doesn’t the world hate bankers enough already?
  • Rich pets get treated to lavish amenities even when they’re away from home. [Lemondrop]
  • Should you call your in-laws “Mr. Smith,” “Rob’s Mother,” “Mom,” or “Hey, You”? This “Love U” video will help you figure it all out. [Your Tango] — When I can’t figure out what to call someone, I stare at them until I get their attention.
  • “Big Love” isn’t the only place to see sexy Mormons. Mormons Exposed will release its hot moms calendar in June. [Asylum]