Kate Moss Isn’t Fat, But She Is Making Us Feel More Comfortable With Our Bodies

Over the past few months, Kate Moss’ body has been changing, and everyone, including Kate, has noticed. Back in February, Kate told New York that her body was finally developing. “I am a woman now! It’s true. No, honestly, I’ve never worn a bra in my life. Ever! It’s so awful, even my friends are phoning me up and saying Are you pregnant?’ And I’m like, ‘No! I just put on a couple of pounds, and they went in the right place.'” At the Topshop opening in New York last month, photos of Kate in a clingy green dress made us wonder again: Is Kate pregnant, or is she putting on more weight? Charlotte Hilton Andersen hopes Kate’s added pounds aren’t a publicity stunt or an attempt to hide a pregnancy, but a sign that our society is coming to its senses about the absurd standards we’ve set for women’s bodies. Can Kate make fat cool? Considering the girl’s still not the least bit fat, we think not. Provided she doesn’t take the usual celebrity route, and immediately lose all of her extra weight and “make a comeback,” or claim she’s a size 00, she’s setting a good example for women by being honest about her body. She has gained weight since her waif days, but she’s 35! She gave birth! Her metabolism isn’t what it used to be! And she’s not denying it or taking extreme measures (yet) to get back her body.

Like Kate, Kim Kardashian is trying to create more reasonable beauty standards. Kim, who was photoshopped for the cover of Complex magazine, is pictured on this week’s Life & Style without airbrushing to show that she does have cellulite, and she’s OK with it. If she has flaws she’s willing to accept, our bodies can’t be that bad either. More than Kate making “fat” cool or Kim loving cellulite, their messages seem to be more about accepting your body. Because there comes a point when you want to live your life without starving yourself or exercising 12 hours a day. Although, if Kate comes out next month and says she’s pregnant, well, we’ll be a little disappointed.