Carla Bruni’s Stolen Photos: What Could She Be Hiding?

Carla Bruni has flipped more than her hair. A computer containing private photos of France’s First Lady has been stolen. Apparently, the pics are from the oh-so-sexy years she spent with her baby daddy, philosopher Raphael Enthoven. Other hot shots of the former supermodel/singer have surfaced from that period, and there were plenty of nudies. So, it’s no wonder Carla and hubby French President Nicholas Sarkozy are on pins and needles over the whereabouts of that purloined PC containing even more secret pics. What could be in those precious snapshots? We Frisky gals have a couple ideas.

  • Sere-naked!: Perhaps Carla, who released a record last year, pulled a Jenny from “Forrest Gump” and sang a song wearing nuthin’ but a guitar.
  • Cheeky: Wedgies happen, even to First Ladies. There’s a chance they caught a shot of her digging deep between her butt cheeks. We hope the thief will do the same with the stolen hard drive and uncover some of the fabric of her life in photos.
  • Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown: Maybe the French figurehead is polishing some “family jewels” with her tongue. Will she handle it as well as Kristin Davis did when alleged photos of her were released?
  • Clean House: There could be a photo or two floating around of Carla cleaning her own house. As if! Rich bitches do NOT hose anything but their sugar daddies. This could really sully her reputation.
  • The Pound: Carla is known for being well-dressed, but in one of these pics she might be showing off another kind of style — doggie.