Barack Obama’s First 100 Days: The Five Best And Worst Moments

Get your party poppers ready—it’s Barack Obama’s 100th day in office. There’ve been bumps in the road, what with the economy tanking and two wars underway. Still, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll, 68 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s performance thus far, rating highs not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. Seventy-two percent of Americans are optimistic about the next four years. [CBS News] After the jump, five high points and five cringe-worthy moments of the Obama presidency.Yes We Can! The highlights of the Obama administration:

  1. Equal Pay For An Equal Day: The first bill Obama signed back in late January was the Lilly Ledbetter bill, which makes it easier for women and other minorities to sue for pay discrimination. [NY Times]
  2. Puppy In Chief: Bo Obama is the freaking cutest. Even though Michelle says he’s crazytown and uses people’s feet as chew toys, the country’s heart melted when the Obamas adopted him in mid-April.
  3. Mo’ Money, Less Problems: After some serious wheeling and dealing in Congress, Obama was able to pass the biggest stimulus package ever to get our economy rolling again.
  4. Gettin’ Outta Iraq: A few weeks later, he took to the airwaves to let us know that by next fall all combat troops would be pulled from Iraq and that they’d all be home by 2011. [The Hill]
  5. White House, Party Central: To celebrate the spring holidays, not only did Obama invite gay and lesbian families to the White’s House annual Easter Egg Roll, but he also held the first-ever presidential Seder for Passover. Talk about a uniter.

Oh No He Didn’t! Obama’s worst five moments in office so far:

  1. Unspecial Comment: When Obama sat down on Jay Leno’s couch in March, he said, “I bowled a 129. It’s like the Special Olympics, or something.” Presidential lesson #12: Don’t make fun of disabled people.
  2. Bonusgate: In mid-March, news broke that AIG, which took major bailout bucks from the government, used large portions of the money to give bonuses to the people who trashed our economy. Obama didn’t sign the checks, but he was widely criticized for not knowing about the nastiness.
  3. Pizza Party: Earlier this month, Obama held a White House pizza night with pies from a St. Louis joint, rather than from a Washington D.C. pizza parlor. Sure, he and Michelle may be planting a veggie garden on the White House lawn, but that sure ain’t eating local.
  4. Handshake Earthquake: Recently, Barack Obama gave controversial Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez a nice firm handshake, sparking cries from the right that Obama is totally a commie.
  5. Plane Drain: Last Monday, Air Force One (sans the prez, of course) zipped over New York for a photo shoot, flying super low and doing circles. All of lower Manhattan freaked out, worrying about 9/11 part two. Obama’s apologized, but perhaps he should keep better tabs on his jet?

What do you think have been the high notes and low points of the last 100 days?