16 Reasons To Date a Convict

After checking out ConjugalHarmony.com, a mock online dating site feigning to connect prisoners with those on the outside, we gave the convict-dating phenomenon some closer inspection. The result? There are clearly a bunch of reasons not to date a man behind bars (enforced long-distance relationship, depression at his non-voter status in certain states… him being a CONVICT), but there are also some potential perks. Check them out after the jump.1. If/when he gets out, he’ll be an expert at doing laundry.

2. He’ll likely have buff prison muscles.

3. He’ll never leave his socks on the floor or the toothpaste uncapped.

4. The once-a-month conjugal visit sex will be amazing, given all that pent-up sexual energy.

5. You’ll never be called his “ball and chain.”

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