Lesbian Is The New Black

Lesbians are hot. No, not like that, perv. I mean, they’re everywhere. There’s Ellen, Portia de Rossi, “Top Chef’s” Jamie Lauren, Cythia Nixon and, up until a few weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan and Samatha Ronson. According to CNN, more women these days are in lady-lady relationships, and a growing number are leaving male partners for women. [Oprah.com via CNN] Is going lesbian the new thing to do? Here are some possible theories:

  • Our Sexuality Is Super Flex. Researchers say women have sexual fluidity. We can be attracted to guys or gals. For us, it’s more about the individual. [CNN] Props to us chicks for caring more about what’s on the inside.
  • The Closet Doors Are Open. Reseachers, doctors, and philosphers alike say that in this day and age it is more acceptable to be gay, so more women are coming out. [Oprah] Shows like “The L Word” and “Work Out” are all about super-appealing gay gals. But not every queer chick is a size zero and looks like a model.
  • Desperate Publicity Stunts!? Or is it that going gay is the newest way for celebs to get their careers back on track? [TheFrisky] After all, getting the ‘razzi to snap a few sexy pics of you with a gal pal is waaay easier than actually doing something.
  • The Glass Ceiling Is Dunzo. Women have been making strides in the workplace for decades, but in the current economy we’re faring better than dudes. Maybe more women are breaking out of the old a-guy-has-to-support-me gender norm and doing what they want to do?

What do you think is going on here?

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