In Bed With … Tyson Beckford

December 19, 1970 in the Bronx, NY
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Virgo
Mercury: Capricorn
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Scorpio

Love Style:

Tyson isn’t the man that’s going to let you down in love or sex. With enthusiasm, passion and service going for him, the only thing you will have to worry about is if you can keep up with him and thrill him to his core, as he goes very deep with his emotions and isn’t the kind of guy that gives out halfway with anything. When he cares, he brings it completely. Sure, there may be many blocks that you have to get past to get there, as this is a man that will play games and test his intended for loyalty so thoroughly that you will think you are being drilled by the CIA — but with a hot treasure like himself, wouldn’t you have heavy security also? You know it; he’s not one to just play lightly, despite his appearances. Sure, he can party like a rock star and charm the pants off anyone, but what he considers love is far more delicate and sweet, as love to him is a picture perfect setting of being with his closest confidante in intimate settings and be able to communicate beyond words. Most likely a believer in fate, he’s a man that lives for the fairy tale.

Sex Style:

Sex is this man’s thing and with Venus and Mars both in Scorpio, you bet your sweet ass he has enough experience to write several series of encyclopedias on the matter and give instructions like a pro. Add his Virgo moon to this lethal combo and behold the perfect man — the one that likes to give. Of course, only in our dreams would it be that easy, because the downside of Mr. Beckford is that he can be emotionally domineering and he will only thrive given a lot of assurance in return. Plus, with his adventurous streak, he has an odd propensity for swinging between the extremes of total logic to the most inane ideas and in sex that translates to one minute acting like a prude and the next brewing up a crazy spontaneous kink-fest. There are no limits to his wild imagination, just his motivations. While he might have a gambling heart, he is much bolder in his mind than he allows himself at times, but with the right chemistry, he’ll burn at just the right pace.

His Type:

It is guaranteed that Tyson’s lady love has to be a good listener as well as have some kind of gripe on psychology, as he is the man that will need a partner that can talk him off the ledge at any given moment, under any given pressure. Trust is his main issue and someone that has a proven track record for logical thinking and successful idealism is his idea of the perfect woman. No doubt, she’ll also have to know when to take turn on being the star or slinking in the background, as he’s the type of guy who’s mood fluctuates so much that having someone that can innately balance him out is necessary to make it work. So, if you are a mind reading shrink that has the stamina for long talks and even longer sessions of hot sex, with a high love of oral loving, then track this honey down, because he’s got all the makings to be your champion of love.

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