Home Hair Color Gets A Recession Lift

Women are foregoing pricey salon hair dye jobs, choosing instead to color their hair at home. At home hair color, like red lipstick, is getting a push from the recession. Fifteen percent of 1,000 American women surveyed by a market research firm said now they color at home instead of having it done professionally. Sales of Clairol Root Touch-Up have increased by 20 percent over the last year, according to another survey. Obviously, ladies still want to look good, even if their discretionary income has dwindled. At-home coloring isn’t foolproof and causes some women to quake in their stilettos, but experts say that when used properly, hair dye from a box can yield professional results. Check out seven tips for coloring your hair at home after the jump. [The New York Times] Tip 1. Stick close to nature. Choose a color one or two shades away from your natural hair color. The results will look more natural and be less damaging to your hair than a dramatic change. Keep in mind that very dark shades can look harsher on older women. Additionally, make sure the color you choose has the right undertones to complement your natural coloring. My hair hasn’t been its natural color for a long time, but when I was a child it would develop red highlights if I spent too much time in the sun.

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