Earth Week Field Guide: The Earth Mother

Alas, it’s the end of Earth Week. Now that you know all about Freegans, Locavores, Righteous Recyclers, and Eco-Consumers, let’s peek at the Earth Mother. From Gaia, the Greek Goddess of the Earth, to Rachel Carson, whose Silent Spring kick-started the modern green movement in 1962, to Erin Brockovich, who continues to take on corporations polluting communities, ladies have been loving the earth forevs.Why are women historically interested in saving the planet? Perhaps because we feel some kind of responsibility to make sure the planet is still, um, inhabitable for our offspring? Here are some chick-specific ways to commune with your mama planet:

  • Your Body, Your Earth. As if PMS wasn’t enough of a pain, it turns out tampons create a huge amount of wastage. Between your first period and menopause, the average woman uses thousands of them, and during a recent coastal cleanup, international trash-pickers picked up about 20,000. Tampon-alternatives like the Keeper don’t just save the earth, they save you money. Over 10 years, the Keeper costs 29 cents per cycle, versus being robbed by Walgreens to the tune of $3 to $7 per month. [Greener Choices]
  • What’s On My Face? Huge FDA loopholes mean that most cosmetics are not subject to restrictions or safety testing, and they’re often made with petroleum and other toxins. [Planet Green] — Avoid all that and starting cooking up your beauty products at home. Soaps, perfumes, and body scrubs can be made in your kitchen. [DIY Life]
  • Let Your Garden Grow. Take a cue from Michelle Obama and grow your own food. [NY Times] — Chemical companies are p.o.’ed that she’s going all-organic, but we already knew that Mobama was a green kind of gal.