15 Things A Woman Notices About A Guy

Men’s Health has another insightful article for its readers, this time on the 20 things a woman notices about a guy. Included are a few no-brainers like shoulder muscles (13), intelligence (14), and attire (16), but most of the list contains head-scratchers like “Your resemblance to a rock” (3), “Your lungs” (4), “Your resemblance to Spider Man” (8), and “Your belly button.” What? Because most women I know aren’t sizing up a guy’s navel or his lungs — or his web-building abilities, for that matter — here’s a list of 15 things a woman really notices about a guy.

  1. How he treats the waitstaff
  2. Whether he has clean sheets, toilet paper on the roll, and more than a six-pack in the fridge
  3. Wedding band or no?
  4. Tan line where a wedding band usually is?
  5. Has he hit on every other woman at the party before making his way to us?
  6. Posture: If it’s too straight, he probably isn’t
  7. .. .Especially if he’s carrying a Banana Republic shopping bag
  8. Is he well-groomed?
  9. Accents are hot
  10. Does he give up his seat in the subway to pregnant ladies and the elderly?
  11. Bonus points if he doesn’t sit with his legs splayed wide apart like a douche
  12. Man-purse, briefcase, messenger bag or backpack?
  13. Beer and Oreos in his grocery cart, or fish and fresh produce?
  14. Can we get a look at his teeth? Clean and mostly straight, check!
  15. Does he make us want to jump his bones?
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