Working Retail Is Reality, Not Entertainment

Most of us have had to work retail at some point. We were desperate for extra cash, we wanted a store discount, or we needed a job. But after dealing with annoying customers and folding and re-folding clothes until your hands hurt, most of us vowed never to be a sales associate again — at least, I did. So, I can’t for the life of me figure out why TV producers think we would want to watch people working at a boutique.Bravo is developing a “docu-series” set at Fred Segal, a high-end LA boutique favored by celebrities. “Fred Segal is a legendary retail haven synonymous with high fashion and style, and the fashionistas who work, shop, and gossip at the store promise to have arresting, entertaining, colorful personalities and lives,” says Bravo. The reality show will focus on stressed out employees as they cater to wealthy customers who have to have the latest fashions and accessories. This could be entertaining, but it will get as mundane as it is to actually work in retail.

Similarly, Khloe Kardashian announced on her blog that she and Kourtney are getting their own “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” spin-off show. E! will follow the sisters as they open a new DASH store in Miami. This could be interesting for anyone who wants to open a clothing store, but the nuts and bolts of starting a new venture isn’t really entertaining, is it? Instead, expect the show to focus more on the newly single ladies as they get to know a new city and new men.

I hated my days as a sales associate because some people aren’t that nice. Oftentimes, I felt demeaned. For instance, there was the time a customer returned her blood-stained underwear, and yours truly had to process the transaction. Don’t let me sound like the only bitter chick. Tell me your retail horror stories in the comments.