What Were You Thinking The First Time You Had Sex?

What He’s Thinking the First Time You Have Sex“? According to Jake at Glamour, guys are thinking about how you smell, flexing, and how to get you off the first time they’re doing you. But what are women thinking the first time they have sex? After the jump, the mind wanderings of women as they lost their virginity.

“How soon ’til we can do it again?” — Angie

“OMG. Can he tell?” – Eva

“This doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.” – Kendra

“It was pretty uneventful, from what I remember. I’d had several boyfriends who would always bring up sex and I felt really pressured by it. So I never slept with any of them, and waited until I had a boyfriend who didn’t seem concerned about the sex thing at all. I guess we must have talked about it beforehand because he had a condom. I definitely remember thinking, ‘This is the thing everyone’s so obsessed with?’ It barely lasted a few minutes.” – Brooke

“I was just thinking that it hurt and I didn’t really want to be doing this…we were fooling around and he said ‘Do you want to slap skins?’ and I thought it meant a handjob so I said OK. Next thing you know he had a rubber on and I was like, ‘Oh no, I didn’t know you meant that.’ He was like, ‘Let’s just try it.’ I gave in. I felt a little gross. I was also scared his mom would hear us so kept telling him to shush. Afterwards, I distinctly remember thinking, ‘I can’t believe I just did that on Star Wars sheets.'” – Liz

“Am I seriously having sex for the first time with a guy who has a String Cheese Incident poster on his wall?” – Bethanny

“‘I hope I don’t stain his sheets with blood.’ Luckily, I had already lost my hymen in kiddie gymnastics class.” – Rachel

“OMG I can’t believe I am doing this. I should totally be using a condom. This is fun. This guy is so into me. I can’t believe I am finally doing this.” – April

“Oh s**t. Oh s**t. Oh s**t. This is painful and amazing at the same time.” – Ali

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