Susan Boyle Offered Big Money To Lose Her V-Card On Film

Scottish songstress Susan Boyle needs a makeover, but L.A.-based Kick Ass Films doesn’t care. The company offered Boyle $1 million to lose her V-card on camera. [NY Daily News] — But this isn’t the first time a tabloid fave has been offered cash to get down and dirty.

  • Vivid Entertainment offered Nadya Suleman $1 million to have sex with eight different men in eight different scenes. [FoxNews] — Octo-porn! Nadya declined and we thanked our lucky stars that her octo-stretch marks were going to stay octo-hidden.
  • R&B singer Ray J is Brandy’s brother and a former flame of Whitney Houston’s. In 2006, when he was dating Kim Kardashian, the two made a sexy home movie that someone leaked. Vivid Entertainment offered him a deal to make four adult films — as a director, not a star. [TMZ] Instead, he’s starring on VH1’s “For The Love Of Ray J,” which sometimes feels as close to a porno as cable television can get.
  • Ice skater Tonya Harding was banned from competitive skating for life after her ex-husband broke rival Nancy Kerigan’s legs with an iron bar. Playboy and Penthouse must’ve thought this chick was a hot commodity, because they allegedly offered her six-figs to pose naked. Harding said she told them to “go to hell.” Maybe she should have taken the dough. Later, her ex-husband sold a tape of the couple’s honeymoon sex for $15,000. [Independent]
  • Remember John Wayne Bobbitt, who pissed off his wife, Lorena Bobbitt, and got his member hacked off? After docs stitched it back on, Bobbitt accepted $1 million to star in “John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut.” [Phoenix New Times] — I guess this ex-marine felt insecure about his manhood and wanted the world to know that he could still work it. I wouldn’t touch this flick with a 10-foot pole.

[Susan Boyle, Tonya Harding, John Wayne Bobbitt, and Nadya Suleman photos courtesy of AP. Ray J photo courtesy of Splash News. Sex store sign from iStockphoto.]