Celebrity Weddings: Once Is Not Enough

As you would expect during a recession, couples who are getting married are spending less on their weddings, cutting back on guest lists, wearing family rings instead of a new ones, and assembling their own invitations. According to a nationwide survey by David’s Bridal, 75 percent of weddings are being scaled back to save money. Early spending estimates suggest the average wedding this year will cost $19,000. Two years ago, the average was $28,000. Wedding dress designers who understand brides may not have as much to spend on their dresses are offering less expensive options, but some women are still spending $10,000-plus on dresseses. Meanwhile, celebrities sit at the other end of the spectrum. Instead of throwing one wedding, they’re having multiple special days. Earlier this month, GIsele Bundchen and Tom Brady wed for the second time — at Bundchen’s Costa Rica home in an event more lavish than their first in February and which included three days of pre-wedding celebrations. Rumor has it Salma Hayek and husband Francois-Henri Pinault will re-tie the knot this weekend in a star-studded Venice wedding. The two married on Valentine’s Day this year at a city hall ceremony in Paris. Another celebrity couple supposedly saying their “I Do’s” again: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Supposedly, Speidi is getting married again this Saturday in front of MTV cameras, after symbolically getting married last year in Mexico.

Hopefully. all the celebrity second weddings will make up for the decrease in real people’s spending on weddings. Celebrities will save the economy by wasting their money. Hooray!