Quickies!: Susan Boyle Is Funny Too

  • Susan Boyle was kidding when she told “Britain’s Got Talent” judges that she’d never been kissed. [DListed]
  • Michael Lohan had to give his two cents about Lindsay’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres. He says he only cheated on her mother Dina when they were separated and that God is working to help Lindsay. [Perez Hilton]
  • Plan B, the emergency contraceptive, is now available to 17-year-olds without parental consent. But are those teens old enough to make this kind of decision on their own? [Shine]
  • Three Irish women are suing Ireland in the European Court of Human Rights, claiming the country’s abortion ban violates their human rights. All three had legitimate reasons as to why they wanted an abortion and couldn’t get one legally. [Très Sugar]
  • Nerve.com, the erotic website of “literate smut,” has a new CEO who plans to tone down the nudity on the site and transition it into a webzine that covers sex, dating, relationships, and entertainment for single adults. [Business Week]