How Many Catalogs Do You Get?

And how many of them do you actually want? Yesterday, I received six catalogs for quite possibly some of the most obscure clothing companies out there. The only one I was happy to keep was the Barneys one (which I had actually signed up for). As for Casual Living, Ulla Popken (I have no idea what that means), and Gump’s San Francisco, these would be great if I was in the market for some embroidered crepe dresses, elastic-waistband cropped pants, or dragonfly pillows.

Cut down on your paper waste with, a free service that lets you unsubscribe from your unwanted junk mail in one go and communicate your preferences to merchants, so you actually get what you want. Sponsored by the Ecology Center and endorsed by the National Wildlife Foundation, Catalog Choice is a great way to make your Earth Day contribution without even leaving your desk.

And if you’re seriously set on keeping that Newport News catalog, we’re not judging. [Catalog Choice]