Ask The Astrosexologist: Has My Taurus Lost Interest?

“I am an Aquarius (born Feb. 13th 1982) and my boyfriend is a Taurus (April 21st 1972). We’ve been together a few months and I have feelings for him, but his behavior confuses me. At first, he was all flowers and calling for no reason, but now he hardly ever calls. When we do meet it’s wonderful and he’s so loving! He sometimes talks about wanting to travel or buy a house, then casually asks me if I’d join him; but at the same time, he hasn’t planned our next rendez-vous himself for a while now. I feel rejected and neglected when he acts this way, but I’m afraid of scaring him off and being too needy if I say anything. So, I’m wondering if we went too fast at first, if he’s losing interest and is afraid to tell me, or if he’s maybe just trying to back off and see if I’m ‘the one’ or what?? So confused!” – Aquarius LadyAhhh, sorry to hear you’ve been bitten by the lazy love bug strain of Taurus and now are in that slump that a lot of Taurian men get into when they are in a relationship — complacency. They’re the sign of comfort and once they’re done with the wooing and know they have you, many do tend to like nothing else than to hit cruise control and veg out. Sure, they can be super sensual when they want to be and their stamina in bed is legendary, but damn, ask them to go outside their comfort zone and it’s like pulling teeth!

You should know that this won’t change and if you want to hang onto him, be ready to be the one that always has to crack the whip — and since you’re an Aquarius, this makes your signs square, which, in astrological terms, causes tension.The approach you have to take with him has to be more planned out and less what comes natural to you. While you tend to be motivated by social settings, he’s not. Things like this will make you two lock horns, so be kind and nudge him sensually, as that is how he will best respond to suggestions.

Also, your honey has a Leo moon and Gemini ruling his Mars and Venus, which means he is probably super curious and a bit A.D.D., as well as extravagant when it comes down to what his tastes are. However, being weighted down by his Taurus sun, he is missing out on a lot and chances are he wants to do all these things, but is too lazy to get it together. This means you just have to assume the position and do it, despite your go-with-the-flow Libra moon. If this gets too frustrating, well, that is when you will have to reconsider your options and decide if you really do want a relationship that you have to run like boot camp. Also, if you make that realization before August, by then, you’ll be in your prime astral luck to find someone else that could give you paradise without a struggle.

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