15 Things That Are Worse Than Going To The Gynecologist

A blogger for the Guardian recently wrote about her experience at the gynecologist, admitting it was her first time getting a pelvic exam in ten years (she was inspired to go after the recent death of reality star Jane Goody, from cervical cancer), and that it would most likely be her last. The problem, she said, is that her doctor wasn’t very “encouraging,” something she thinks all physicians should be, especially with patients who suffer from mental health problems, learning disabilities, and/or a history of sexual abuse. She found it difficult to relax during her exam, but instead of asking her physician for relaxation techniques or getting recommendations for a different physician altogether, this woman is swearing off pelvic exams for the rest of her life — because potentially dying is a better fate than a few minutes of discomfort. Ladies! Don’t be like this woman! Don’t let a little fear stand between you and your health. If you aren’t getting a yearly pelvic exam because you’re afraid or embarrassed, keep in mind that you’re already suffering through plenty of things that are far worse than lying naked in a pair of stirrups for five minutes. After the jump, 15 things that are worse than going to the gynecologist.

  1. Paying taxes
  2. Writing cover letters for job applications.
  3. Spending the holidays with your in-laws.
  4. Spending the holidays with your own family.
  5. Going swimsuit shopping.
  6. Going to the dentist.
  7. Getting dumped.
  8. Seeing who eHarmony matched you with this week.
  9. Planning a f**king wedding.
  10. Getting a bad haircut.
  11. Running into an ex you haven’t seen in a while right after getting a bad haircut.
  12. Running into an ex with his beautiful, new girlfriend.
  13. Waiting in line at any of the Trader Joe’s in New York.
  14. Sending an email to the wrong recipient.
  15. Waking up after a wild night of partying and slowly remembering you drunk dialed half the people in your phone book.
  16. Thanks in large part to pap test screening, “the cervical cancer death rate declined [in the US] by 74% between 1955 and 1992. This screening procedure can find changes in the cervix before cancer develops. It can also find early cervical cancer in its most curable stage.” While “the death rate from cervical cancer continues to decline by nearly 4% a year, ” regardless, “around the world, cervical cancer is still the third-leading cause of cancer deaths in women.” Even if you’re a virgin, a pelvic exam can detect abnormalities like uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine prolapse, as well as yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. So get ye to the gyno! [via Guardian.co.uk, Cancer.org, MayoClinic.com]