Quickies!: TMZ Wants You To Think Sasha Fierce Isn’t The Best Singer

  • TMZ says audio of Beyonce singing really badly on “The Today Show” was doctored. The jokes on … who? [Perez Hilton]
  • Sean Penn admires President Obama for his pearly-whites? [Très Sugar]
  • Foreign relations offer a welcome reprieve for one writer. But is a no-strings-attached relationship worth it? [Lemondrop]
  • The Vatican is accusing Angels & Demons author Dan Brown and director Ron Howard of engaging in a smear campaign against the Church, but this isn’t the first time a movie has angered the Church, women, or the world. Check out the most famous movie controversies. [Pop Eater]
  • Are children destined to play into stereotypical gender roles, or do we have some influence over their activities, toys, or clothes? [Shine]
  • Do discount designer clothing lines for Target and H&M have as many good pieces as the more expensive lines, or are they flimsy knock-offs? [The Wall Street Journal] — I was underwhelmed by Loomstate’s Target line.