Say What?! Kim Kardashian Isn’t Plus Size Or A Size 2

Forever 21 will debut a plus-size collection in May called Faith 21. Us Weekly dished on Faith 21 in a recent issue, but the mag misleadingly connected Kim Kardashian to the new line.

Here’s a little faith for fuller-figured fashionistas: On May 1, they can try on a new plus-size line, Faith 21, from hip bargain chain Forever 21 (Kim Kardashian is a fan). “It’s for a curvier girl that loves fashion,” marketing manager Linda Chang tells Us of the knit and woven tops, dresses and jeans, ranging in size from XL to 2XL and all priced at less than $31.

It seems the mag was trying to bank on Kardashian’s publicity by naming her in the article, but the mention of her is unclear. Is she a fan of Forever 21 or Faith 21? Of course, Kardashian responded to the write-up on her blog — because she lives for the attention. She said she loves Forever 21 but isn’t plus-size. She’s curvy, and that’s very different from full-figured. “For the record, I am a size 2, not 2XL,” Kardashian wrote.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I was with Kim until she told this whopper. Her waist might be a size 2, but there is no way all that booty can fit into such a small size. What’s most annoying about this statement is that like so many other female celebrities, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kardashian has fallen into the lie-about-your-size trap. When people criticize their bodies, they fight back, saying, “I”m not fat, I’m a size 2!” Whether or not they actually are a size 2 is up for debate, so why even give a size and feed into the ridiculous standard that a size 2 is ideal?

I don’t see a problem with trying to set the record straight. I, too, would be offended is someone implied I was heavier than I am. But it would have been sufficient to say she doesn’t wear plus-size clothing. Instead, I would have enjoyed reading about how she tailors her clothes to get a custom fit (obviously, a piece of clothing that fits her bottom half wouldn’t fit her tiny waist). And how many of Kardashian’s fans who have curves like hers will read the blog post and think they, too, ought to be a size 2?