Crave: The Walk Of Shame Kit

You just woke up. There are your four-inch heels. There’s the glittery halter top you wore last night. There’s that cute guy. There’s your eye makeup smudged all over his pillow. And there’s his mirror.

Oh, no. Oh, no, oh no, oh no.

Enter the Walk of Shame Kit: a clean pair of lacy panties, sunglasses, a hair tie, a hairbrush, a hand-held mirror and a pen (with which to leave your number!). The goodies are tucked into a tiny clutch that fits easily inside your purse. Salvation for us girls for whom popping a breath mint and running fingers through our bedhead constitute morning-after-grooming. You’re on your own figuring out where you put your car keys, though. [$24.99, The Walk Of Shame Kit]