Breaking News! Nicole Kidman’s Younger Sister Looks OLDER!

The Daily Mail is hardly a bastion of great journalism, and their coverage of women’s issues is usually pretty terrible. So, it should come as no surprise that they devoted an entire column comparing the looks of Nicole Kidman to those of her sister Antonia. Antonia, you see, is three years younger than Nicole, but the rag thinks she has such a severe case of old face that she looks way more mature than her super famous sister.

“…what a world of difference the Hollywood lifestyle appears to make. Looking at these pictures of Nicole and Antonia Kidman, you could be forgiven for mistaking which was the older sibling… Smiling, the skin around her eyes and mouth bore the laughter lines typical of a woman nearing 40. How galling that her older sister has passed that age milestone, but still looks younger.”

Maybe because she (allegedly) has a face full of Botox? Seriously, Daily Mail, you paid someone to write this? Someone so clearly ashamed of their assignment that they wouldn’t even put their byline on it? [Daily Mail U.K.]