Steven Klein Goes “Clorox Blue”

Minutes ago, famed fashion photographer Steven Klein debuted a new fashion featurette online: “Clorox Blue.” (To see the movie on the Flash site, click Moving Image > Film Projects > Clorox Blue.) Staying true to Klein’s controversially creative takes as of late, it’s provocative. Starring supermodel Amber Valletta working alongside boy-toys du jour Tyson Ballou and Ryan Snyder, the film appears to be a seedy peek at scenes in the life of a bathroom hooker. The series of vignettes are tiny, disturbing, fashionable dreams in which our prostitute heroine interacts with gold-toothed pimps and rubber-clad clients. Wearing couture all the while, of course. While I can’t say I totally “get” it, I know that I like it. [Pipeline]