Push-Up Underwear For Men

For all of us who have ever enjoyed the work of a good push-up bra, the next sentence probably won’t be a huge shock. Guys want in on the action. But it’s not our cleavages they’re most interested in. It’s they’re own packages they’re dying to enhance. Capitalizing on the effects of the Wonderbra, designer Roland Lodoli has created push-up boxer briefs designed to “make the most of modest manhoods,” and, he says, they’ve been flying off the shelves at his shop in Zagreb, Croatia. All of which leads one to wonder: Are Croatian “manhoods” particularly modest? Lodoli says he’s working on push-up swimwear now, so men never have to feel ashamed at the beach again — “no matter how cold the water.” If a man can really wear a push-up bikini brief without feeling the least bit ashamed, more power to him, I guess. [TheSun.co.uk]