Hot Right Now: Male Bisexuality

Frisky contributor Rachel Kramer Bussel has a fantastic piece up on the Daily Beast about men feigning bisexuality for attention. From Brody Jenner’s “Bromance” and Paul Rudd’s “I Love You, Man” to Business Insider headlines quipping about Warren Buffett’s man-crush, being kinda gay is the latest dude trend — so long as you’re straight, that is.

It’s an emerging version of male bisexuality that’s more pose than sincere. The celebrities who engage in it take pains to make it clear they’re straight—half-ironically goofing around, often as a blatant grab for attention. But the fact that they’re even taking it that far is something new.

She’s right. Female bisexuality became crazy sexy cool in the ’90s, when every gal, from Jane Pratt to Madonna to Drew Barrymore, was hooking up with girls. The trickle down effect permeated everything from mainstream movies to “Girls Gone Wild” videos. But male sexuality has always seemed to have much tighter restrictions. You’re either gay or you’re straight. As Carrie Bradshaw said on “Sex and the City”: “Pick a side.”

Bussel wonders if all this sudden media acceptance of bromances and male bisexuality will lessen the pressure on men to label themselves as one or the other. A Frisky writer once wrote about dating a bi-guy. She was pleasantly surprised by how much his sexuality didn’t intimidate or bother her. So, how do you feel? Would you open to dating a guy who was bisexual? [The Daily Beast]